Wednesday, December 20, 2017

An imperial visit in photos: Czar Nicholas II in Stockholm in 1909

Russian Czar Nikolai II arrived to Stockholm late June 1909. That time Sweden was very concerned about Russian Empire’s policy of russification that was adopted in Finland. Such a profound concern encouraged Sweden to resume Swedish-Norwegian negotiations on joint defense. At the same time Russia started to strengthen Saint Petersburg, the Gulf of Finland, and The Gulf of Riga. Besides, Russian Empire has made up its mind to use these islands for the military purpose. Russian-Swedish talks centered on the status of Åland Archipelago that formed part of the territory ceded to Russia by Sweden under the Treaty of Fredrikshamn in September 1809. On other hand these islands were mostly populated by Swedes who have repeatedly expressed the desire to join Sweden. The same time Edward VII, the King of the United Kingdom, also visited Stockholm to participate in the discussion on Åland Islands. Soon after the official visit to Stockholm, Russian Czar visited Poltava to participate in the huge celebration of 200th anniversary of the Battle of Poltava. Many photos were made in Stockholm during this state visit. They were published in Swedish newspapers and in the Russian magazine “Ogonek”.

Czar Nicholas and Empress Alexandra arrive together with their Swedish hosts on board the “Vasaorden” for the official welcoming ceremony.

Large crowds of people had gathered in front of the Grand Hotel in order to watch the arrival ceremony.

The imperial guests are introduced to the receiving dignitaries.

Czar Nicholas and Empress Alexandra at the decorative pavilion erected for the welcoming ceremony. 

Czar Nicholas and King Gustaf on their way to the Royal palace.

The Imperial yacht “Standart” in Stockholm.

 An official dinner onboard of the Imperial yacht “Standart” in Stockholm, 1909