Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Reminiscent of Nazi era? German police forced to explain controversial logo in new armored cars

December 26, 2017 (RT) Logos on the seats in new armored vehicles acquired by the police Special Forces unit in the German land of Saxony have provoked a wave of indignation on social media, as they appear to be reminiscent of a Nazi emblem. The Saxony Special Forces (SEK), a unit particularly tasked with conducting anti-terrorist operations in the region, received its first new armored vehicles, called “Survivor R,” on Friday. The 17-ton cars have enough armor to withstand a machine-gun assault and even an explosion and can carry up to 10 officers.

However, it is not the vehicle’s combat characteristics that have attracted public attention. The armored cars sparked widespread criticism on social media due to the fact that the backs of its seats were adorned with a logo that was strikingly similar to what looked like a Nazi emblem.

“What a beautiful logo!” one person wrote sarcastically in a Twitter post featuring a photo of the unfortunate design. He then added that it looks “almost like [the one] from the older [Nazi] times” and “lacks only an eagle and a swastika.”
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