Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A new founds on the WWII battle field.

65 years had passed since the end of WWII but Ukrainian lowland swamps are still keep German and Soviet tanks that have sunk during the WWII. Not long ago Ukrainain historians and archeologists have located German tank in the earth dam close to the village of Iskrene (Cherkasy Region). Most probably this German heavy tank "Tiger" was trapped in the swampy ground during the Battle of the Korsun-Cherkasy Pocket which took place from 24 January to 16 February, 1944. In it, the 1st and 2nd Ukrainian Fronts, commanded, respectively, by Nikolai Vatutin and Ivan Konev, trapped German forces of Army Group South in a pocket near the Dnieper river.
Later on the big earth dam has been constructed on this site. To dig the Tiger out will take time because the dam protects the village during spring flood of the Dnieper River. The local authorities are going to sell the tank for 200,000 USD to use this money for the village needs.
On the next two pictures the digging of another German tank out are shown. A few big fragments of the heavy German Tank "Pantera" have been discovered near the same village in 2004.