Friday, May 14, 2010

In some EU countries Ukrainians hardest to get a visa

According to the European Commission, the average percentage of refusals to grant entry permits from January 1, 2008 (the date of entry into force of the Agreement on simplification of visa regime between Ukraine and the EU) fell almost tripled - from 12 to 4,6%. But According to monitoring conducted in 2009 by a consortium of "Europe without barriers" and the Centre for Peace, Conversion and Foreign Policy, the percentage of failures is much higher. For example, the Consulate of Italy refused to 13,6% of the total submitted the documents to enter, Greece - 19%, Czech Republic - 20%, Spain - 6.3%, France - 6%. According to the Embassy of Germany in this mission visas do not get about 10% of applicants. The most "loyal" to the results of the survey were Belgium (2%), Poland, Slovakia, Hungary (4%). According provided by the Embassy, in 2009, about 4% were refused entry into Slovenia and Estonia, 3.1% - of the Finnish embassy, 3% - in the Swedish visa department, 2,24% - to the Lithuanian consulate. "Very low", without specifying numbers, called the failure rate the Austrian embassy.