Wednesday, March 5, 2014

UN envoy abandons mission in Crimea after being chased by pro-Russian protesters

The UN special envoy to Ukraine, Robert Serry was forced to abandon a mission to Ukraine's Crimea region on Wednesday after being stopped by armed men and sheltering in a cafe.
UN envoy to Ukraine threatened but not kidnapped. Deputy UN Secretary-General Eliasson denied reports on UN representative Serry being kidnapped in Ukraine, saying that Serry was threatned. Interfax-Ukraine news agency reported earlier, quoting Ukraine's Foreign Ministry sources: "Serry just informed that his car in Simferopol was blocked by unidentified armed men in uniform that wanted to take him to the airport. He refused to go, and now he was captured and held hostage at an unknown location". 
 James Mates from ITV was next to UN envoy in Ukraine and reports in first hand the situation: Robert Serry is not kidnapped, but held in a coffee shop. Some men outside prevent him from leaving.

UN special envoy Robert Serry in coffee shop. Outside local militia block the door. 

(7:12 PM - 5 Mar 2014 ) Robert Serry has now agreed to go straight to the airport and end his mission in Crimea. For more information click at