Friday, March 14, 2014

List of military units in the 2014 Crimean crisis

The Russian federation has two types of troops. The ones that are located on the Crimean peninsula on the bases of the intergovernmental treaties and unknown soldiers, who do not carry military rank insignia or cockade as the official position of the ministry of the Russian federation is that Russia does not take part in the processes happening on the peninsula and the auxiliary troops do not belong to the Russian federation, but are based on the local initiatives. Some national signs have been traced on the basis of the Russian register plates having numbers "21" (Republick of Chuvashia) and "90" (Moscow region)
Land force
·        18th Detached Yevpatorian Red Banner Guard Motorised Rifle Brigade (Chechen Republick)
·        1st Mechanized Battalion "Vostok"
·        31st Air Assault Brigade (Airborne Forces) (Ulyanovsk)
·        76th Guards Air Assault Division (Airborne Forces) (Pskov)
·        7th Guards Airborne Division (Airborne Forces) (Novorossiisk)
·        22nd Spetsnaz Brigade (GRU) (Krasnodar Krai)
·        45th Detached Reconnaissance Regiment (Moscow)
Black Sea Fleet
·        810th Naval Infantry Brigade (Black Sea Fleet)
·        four ships purposely scuffled to block the Southern Naval Base of Ukraine
·        Important ships: “Moskva”
Baltic Fleet
Northern Fleet
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