Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Tue, 11 Mar 2014 (Embassy of Ukraine in the USA) Crimea, an integral part of Ukraine, is being occupied by foreign troops. Extremist movement fed up from outside is intensifying in eastern parts of Ukraine.

On March 10, 2014, the developments were characterized by the following:

  • Continuation of blockade of Ukraine’s Armed Forces in Crimea, extension of Russia’s military presence on the peninsula
  • Pro-Russian “puppet” government of Crimea has announced the formation of armed forces, autonomous from Ukraine  
  • In Simferopol, the forces of so-called “self-defense” under disguise of members of election commission destroy Ukrainian passports of local citizens
  • In Sevastopol, electricity was cut off at the Headquarters of Ukraine’s Naval Forces
  • In Bakhchysarai, a military unit of Ukraine’s Armed Forces was seized by Russian troops In Chornomorsk, a missile service unit of Ukraine’s Armed Forces was seized by Russian troops 
    In Novofedorivka, a base of Ukraine’s Air Forces was repeatedly assaulted and partly seized
  • On cape Tarkhankut, a radar squadron of Ukraine’s Air Force was assaulted by Russian troops 
  • In Simferopol, a military hospital was seized by so-called “self-defense” forces 
  • Participation of Russian nationalist radicals in extremist actions and provocations on the territory of Ukraine, intimidation and physical harassment of anti-war activists and journalists
  • In the village of Chongari (Kherson region), armed members of former police unit “Berkut” assaulted participants of anti-war car rally, leaving at least one person heavily wounded
  • In Lugansk, pro-Russian radicals attacked two groups of journalists destroying their equipment and seized local TV broadcasting company “IRTA”
  • In Lugansk, a man was badly beaten after installing Ukrainian flag on the building of regional administration
  • In Kharkiv, pro-Russian activists attacked Ukrainian politician Vitaliy Klychko throwing eggs and firecrackers.