Friday, April 23, 2010

Poland uncertain whether to reveal Tu-154 black box records

April 23, 2010 Warsaw (RIA Novosti) Polish investigators have not yet decided on whether to make public data from flight recorders of the Tu-154 plane, which crashed on April 10 in western Russia, killing Poland's first couple and other top officials.
Poland's chief prosecutor Andrzej Seremet said Polish prosecutors will postpone revealing the black box contents until they obtain other necessary information from Russia. The final decision on whether to disclose flight details is expected in two weeks. "As soon as they [flight recorders] are analyzed in Poland, we would probably decide to make their content public," he said.
Seremet also said that he would "not oppose revealing the contents unless they are of private nature." Polish investigator Zbigniew Rzepa said experts are currently trying to synchronize records obtained from the flight data and voice recorders. Russian investigators, experts and Polish specialists are jointly investigating the causes of the deadly crash. Polish military proscutors, howver, have opened their own investigation nto the accident. Russian air traffic controllers earlier said the crew "did not listen" to recomendation to divert to another airport and landed without permission.