Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Memorial to the Glory of Soldiers in Poltava is under reconstruction now.

The Memorial to the Glory of Soldiers in Poltava was opened in October 1969 in Kotlyarevsky Park on the site of the former city cemetery. All remains of the soldiers and officers that had been killed during the liberation of Poltava were moved from Petrovsky Park to the newly unveiled memorial. The Memorial contains 21 common graves and 22 separate graves covered with granite tombstones. The monument itself is shaped in the form of a 22-meter high bayonet and a 6-meter high sculpture of a soldier wearing military gear and holding a shield with a bas relief of the Glory Monument. An Eternal Flame is located at the base of the monument.
Since that time the monument has never been reconstructed. The Poltava City Council has taken a decision to reconstruct the monument and adjoining square. All repair-and-renewal operations must be completed on the eve of the celebration of the 65th Anniversary of Victory Day that Ukraine has decided to celebrate together with Russia and Belarus on May 9th 2010.