Monday, April 19, 2010

18th century gunner's equipment in Poltava Battle Museum

Some examples of the gunner’s equipment dated after 18th century is shown in the exhibition of the Poltava Battle museum. The ladle (1) was one of the most important gunner’s tools. It was used before the introduction of the powder cartridge. On one hand it was used as a measure of powder, on another hand it was used for dumping powder in the bore at the proper place. Most often it was made of thick copper to fit between the ball and bore
The rammer (2) was a wooden cylinder about the same diameter as a ball fixed on a long handle. It was used by gunner to push home powder cartridge, the wad, and the ball. To avoid double loading there were a mark on the handle showing whether the charge is properly loaded.
The wormer (3) was a double screw fixed on a long handle. It was used to seize and draw out wads and remains of powder cartridge that stuck in the gun after firing.
The sponge (4) was a bristle brush the same diameter as the ball fixed on a long handle. It was used to make sure that no sparks left in the bore after firing.