Friday, January 29, 2010

Eyewitnesses of Viking Age in Poltava

Polovetsky stone women (babas) are found on a huge territory from Southwest Asia to Southeast Europe. They are regarded as monuments of the sacral art of tribes of Polovtsy (Kipchaks or Cumans) of 9-13 centuries. Such babas were mostly left on mounds, where they buried. Scientists are not sure whether the sculptures are portraits of the dead, or they are idols of paganish gods (or rather goddesses, as most figures found in Ukraine are female). During the 9th century Vikings penetrated deep into Russia. Their development of trade, particularly down the Dnieper River (a route which becomes known as Austrvegr, or the “Great Waterway”), laid the foundation of the Russian nation. So, probably these babas have been seen by your valiant forefathers going downstream Dnieper River. A few babas shown in the picture are preserving in the back yard of Poltava Regional Museum.

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