Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bell-ringers to be trained in Lutsk

The Volyn Seminary (Western Ukraine) has launched a bell-ringing group, which was blessed by the Bishop of Lutsk and Volyn Nifont. The classes take place in the ancient Lutsk castle. The teachers are the clergyman of Lutsk Holy Virgin Intercession Church, hierodeacon Anapit (Shpyniak) and Volodymyr Hrynko, the head priest of St. Catherine the Great Martyr Church in Velykyi Omelianyk, Lutsk region. According to the Volyn eparchy press service of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the churches started using the bells at the end of the fourth century. First, they were applied in Western Europe to gather believers for praying and to mark solemn parts in church service. Nowadays, in Rome, which is considered the Christian world’s capital, there are around 600 churches but the bell-ringers were replaced by recordings of melodies. New churches are often built without bells. It known that the bells were used for community needs, like guiding lost people in bad weather, informing citizens about disasters like fire, or for gathering the nation to defend its motherland. People also used bells to announce victories and welcome the triumphant troops from battlefield.