Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Ukraine and the UAE agreed to production of aircraft

November 21, 2017 (Ukrop News 24) Two Antonov airplanes: An-132D and AN−70  were exhibited at the Dubai Air Show on November 12-16, 2017. The Antonov An-132 is an improved version of the Antonov An-32 twin-engined turboprop military transport aircraft being developed jointly by Saudi Arabia and Ukraine.

The Antonov An-70 is a four-engine medium-range transport aircraft, and the first aircraft to take flight powered only by propfan engines. Antonov State Company has agreed with the United Arab Emirates on cooperation in the production of aircraft An-132 and An-70. An-132D is the first Antonov plane without Russian components. Besides Antonov has agreed with partners from the UAE on the supply of components, and training of technical staff.

U.S. Oriole Capital Group will invest $150million in the development of production of multi-purpose An-74 transport aircraft with a maximum carrying capacity of 10 tons. Within the framework of the agreement, the Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company will receive $150 million order for the production of An-74 modifications. Oriole Capital Group LLC was established in June 2017. According to the company's website, its main specialization is investing and supporting innovative aviation projects all over the world.