Wednesday, November 8, 2017


November 8, 2017 (Ukroboronservice) The mobile mortar complex Bars-8MMK, developed by UKROBORONPROM SE "Ukroboronservice", demonstrated its capabilities at the international exhibition "Arms and Security 2017". "Bars-8MMK", equipped with 120-mm mortar, is intended for ground units fire support under conditions of modern maneuvering war. It takes only 30 seconds to bring the complex to combat readiness condition, and in 20 seconds after the last shot to leave the position. During the exhibition, all components of the complex were demonstrated, UOP press service captured all of those. The mobility and efficiency of conducting fire are the most important conditions for effective combat operations in the context of a modern counter-battery battle, when it is necessary to leave the position before the enemy’s response strike. "Bars-8MMK" is integrated into information exchange system on the battlefield, when mobile mortar complex gets the exact coordinates of the enemy in real time.
This information can simultaneously come from drones, counterbattery radar, as well as other surveillance systems. This allows the soldiers come out to firing position, open precise fire and leave the position in a matter of minutes. The International Specialized Exhibition "Arms and Security-2017" is held 10-13 October at the International Exhibition Center in Kyiv.
The State Concern UKROBORONPROM (UOP) for the first time represents advanced developments of the Ukrainian defense-industrial complex at the international exhibition of armament AUSA (Association of the US Army) in Washington. Participation in this expo is another UOP step towards integration of Ukrainian MIC to Euro-Atlantic region and international cooperation.