Tuesday, November 8, 2016

What scientists have discovered in the Chernobyl forest, shocked the whole world!

November 8, 2016 (The Telegraph) On April 26, 1986 was a tragic day in the history of the Soviet Union and the world at large. On this day the accident occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. About 116,000 people were evacuated from a 1,600 square mile exclusion zone around Chernobyl, on the border of Ukraine and Belarus. A huge area around the station became the exclusion zone. Recently, scientists have launched a project that aims to learn more about the fauna of this abandoned place. It turns out that the presence of people affects wildlife much more than radiation, because in the Chernobyl area found fauna, which were not observed more than a century.

The research results have drawn a wide response among biologists. The study revealed that in the Chernobyl forests significantly increased the number of wild boars, wolves, roe deer and foxes. In addition, scientists found the rare animals, which for many years did not appear in these places: European lynx and brown bear. Professor at the University of Portsmouth Jim Smith claims that this accident has created a certain reserve: “We are not saying that radiation is good. But the lack of human impact has allowed the animal population to grow”.