Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A new reprint of Swedish bestseller by Peter Englund

January 19, 2016 As it was stated by the director of Ukrainian publishing house “Folio” Olexander Krasovitsky the book “Poltava. Berättelsen om en armes undergong” by Peter Englund will be reprinted in February 2016. This very publishing house has printed a Ukrainian edition of this book in 2009 within the framework of the project initiated by the Swedish Institute (Svenska Institutet) and the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine. In accordance with Mr. Krasovitsky’s statement the new reprint will not contain any additional data.

I was very happy to be invited by the Swedish Institute to join this project in 2002. My responsibility was to search appropriate graphic materials in Swedish archives, museums, and libraries. I met Peter Englund in Swedish Institute and we were discussing Ukrainian edition of his bestseller. Then this picture was taken by Susanne Concha Emmrich, who was a Swedish Editor of the Ukrainian edition. Nowaday there are three editions of this book in my library: Swedish (with Peter Endglund’s presentation inscription), Russian, and Ukrainian, which is on my understanding is the best one.