Thursday, May 12, 2011

The monument to the field kitchen has been unveiled in Vinnitsa region (Ukraine)

The one and only monument to the mobile field kitchen has been inaugurated in the city of Bratslav in Vinnitsa region. This indispensable attribute of the military life was invented in 1905 by the officer of the Russian Army Georgiy Turchanovich. His unique invention is still in use in many armies around the world. In 1908 gifted inventor has taken out a patent. It took only three hours to prepare a three-course dinner for one company. As an irony of fate Georgiy Turchanovich has died of starvation in 1943 when his city was under the German occupation. Not long ago his grave has been found and put in order. The city council is about to erect a bronze bust of the inventor near the monument to the mobile field kitchen.