Sunday, May 15, 2011

German soldiers burial place found in Ternopil region

KYIV, May 14, 2011 (UKRINFORM).
On the outskirts of the village Oliev (Ternopil region, west of Ukraine), the graves of twenty-five German soldiers have been identified. They were found by representatives of the German people's union for the care of war graves, the district council reported. The search lasted for almost fifteen years, until the village head of Oliev saw on the military picture the outskirts of his native village, where there was the burial place.

In the war times, a front line ran there, and all the gravestone crosses were razed to the ground during the fighting. Now, personal tokens of German soldiers have been discovered at the burial site, as well as bottles with notes bearing names, dates, places of birth, information about families. The remains of the German soldiers were moved to the village of Potelychi (Zhovkva district of Lviv region), where the dead Germans are buried.