Friday, September 10, 2010

Medical official: Vladikavkaz bombing on Thursday affected 161, 17 of them dead

The Thursday (September 6) bombing at the Vladikavkaz market affected a total of 161 people, Olga Krivonos, the director of the Russian Health and Social Development Ministry's medical aid organization and healthcare development department, said at a news briefing on Friday. "The terrorist attack in Vladikavkaz affected 161 people. Fourteen were killed on the spot, and three more people died at medical institutions," Krivonos said. As many as 109 people are currently receiving treatment at Vladikavkaz hospitals, and seven of them are in serious and critical condition, Krivonos said. "The rest are in stable condition, and 24 are receiving outpatient treatment," she said. As for the 11 casualties who have been delivered to Moscow, Krivonos said five of them are still in serious and critical condition, and the lives of the rest are out of danger.