Friday, June 4, 2010

Secretary General of the Council of Europe is not allowed in the toilet because of Yanukovych

The guards of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in Strasbourg, where he was on April 27 with a one-day working visit, became the heroes curious case. According to the “Ukrainian Truth”, the guards were not allowed in the toilet Secretary General of the Council of Europe.
Before entering the restaurant of the Council of Europe, as the newspaper writes, Yanukovych decided to go to the bathroom to wash his hands. It was a public restroom. But Yanukovych’s guards closed the entrance with their bodies in the room and not let anyone inside.
All of a sudden came up to them exquisitely dressed men and demanded that he be given access to toilet facilities.
- No!, - Said the one guard Yanukovych.
Shaken by a European standing and did not understand what was happening.
- I - Secretary General! - He said Ukrainian bodigardam guarding the entrance to the toilet.
- No! - Once again answered the guard does not have high level of knowledge of English.
It turned out that to get to the toilet trying to CoE Secretary General Torbyorn Jagland, who, in fact, invited Mr. Yanukovich to lunch. Only the third attempt bodigard missed it to the washbasin.