Monday, June 14, 2010

Trials of the Oplot Tank Have Been Completed

12.05.2009 Kharkiv, Ukraine. In April 2009, the Ukrainian Army experts have completed the state trials of the improved version of the Oplot main battle tank. The trials were conducted on the proving ground of the State-Owned Enterprise Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau during several months and consisted in comprehensive testing of the firepower, mobility, protection and economy of operation of the tank. The main difference between the improved variant of the Oplot MBT and its basic variant consists in its being fitted with the following units and systems:

1. commander's combined panoramic sight with independent day and thermal channels, which make it possible to accurately fire the remote-controlled anti-aircraft machine gun at air targets at elevation angles of up to +60°;

2. separate (independent from the gunner) thermal imager and laser range-finder for the commander;

3. Nozh-2 new-generation built-in explosive reactive armour, which is capable of defeating tandem-warhead hollow-charge ammunition;

4. new radio equipment;

5. complex movement control system, which provides automatic gear shifting and smooth turning during tank movement;

6. upgraded digital instrumentation panel for the driver;

7. improved steering wheel;

8. more environment-friendly 6TD-2E diesel engine developing 1200 hp;

9. more powerful auxiliary power unit (10 kW instead of 8 kW) .

At the present time, the Oplot MBT is being prepared for entering series production at the State Enterprise Malyshev Plant in Kharkiv.

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