Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Unique exhibition in Poltava

A various neck and breast adornments have enjoyed wide popularity among Ukrainian women since long ago. A complex breast adornment consisted of a few components harmonically connected with each other always ranked high. To create neck and breast adornments goldsmiths used different beads, coins, crosses, and small icons.
Beads, the most popular component of a women’s breast adornment, are widely-spread over the whole Ukraine. They differ from one another by material, color, shape, and way to wear. A bead made of coral, amber, smalt, and transparent glass always ranked high. Coral beads were widely spread in Ukraine, although weren’t affordable for poor people.
Sometimes a neck adornment made of coral cost more than the whole country house or even the whole farm. A family jewelry in the countryside has been accumulating through the generations. Honored with three hundred years old fashion, these beads, and crosses have been inherited from one generation to another.
In 1940s all such countryside adornments have started to go out of fashion but nevertheless been kept by villagers for many decades, especially those made of corals. Nowadays old women’s adornments are booming again. This time they are becoming widespread as important attribute of the modern stylish clothes. Some of them were shown to the public in Poltava on March 16, 2010.