Monday, August 31, 2009

The Day of the Knowledge in Poltava

September 1st, The Day of Knowledge is the first day of the new school year in Ukraine. Pupils go to schools; students go to universities and institutions, where on this day different celebrations are held. The most spectacular events are at elementary school. Well-dressed first-year children, bringing flowers for their first teacher, gather in the schoolyard or in the school to listen to the first bell ringing. A first-year child, usually a girl, is carried by a graduating student, usually a boy, and she rings a bell, thus, opening a new school year. 2009/2010 school year should become a year of continuation of upgrading the educational sector of Ukraine said President Victor Yushchenko, speaking at meeting on preparation for the 2009-2010 school year, president's press service reported. Among the key tasks upon which all parties should focus the President named further improvement of educational process quality and bringing it in accordance with single European educational space requirements. "We must understand that it is dishonor that the Ukrainian government does not provide training of children in schools in such discipline as Ukrainian language", he said. The President also pointed to importance of school's mission in educating children in the spirit of patriotism and national consciousness. Among other tasks for the new school year, the President named completion of the computerization of schools and implementation of ‘school bus' program, as well as further improvement of independent testing system for graduates. As about parents whose children just started their firs school year, they were to say frankly not happy with the present day prices for school uniform which is obligatory for the pupils of elementary school and hardly could last longer than one school year. Following picture depicts these prices, but to understand what it means for the parents take into account that an average monthly salary in Poltava is about 800-900 hryvnias. Currently 100 Ukrainian Hryvnias (UAH) = 83 Swedish Kronas (SEK).