Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The first plane An-178 without Russian parts was assembled at the Antonov campaign's plant

August 26, 2020 ( The plane was ordered by the Peruvian government for the national police. As planned, the Ukrainian aircraft assembled without Russian components will fly to South America next year. This is the first serial "An-178". It could have appeared earlier, the state-owned enterprise agrees, but the constructors had to recalculate hundreds of components and units for Western electronics and avionics."The state-owned Antonov was accused of not producing serial aircraft for several years. There were objective reasons for that. It took a long time for import substitution, ”said Oleksandr Los, president of the Antonov campaign.
The Antonov An-178 is a short-range medium-airlift military transport aircraft designed by the Ukrainian Antonov company and based on the Antonov An-158. It was announced on 5 February 2010, rolled out on 16 April 2015 and made its first flight on 7 May 2015