Monday, June 29, 2020

Mysterious ‘nuclear’ radiation spike over Europe detected – and experts are blaming Russia

June 29, 2020 (The Sun) Several European authorities have revealed readings of an increase in human-made radionuclide particles in the atmosphere. Fortunately, the levels of radiation are thought to be harmless to humans. However, they're still large enough to be picked up by radiation monitoring sensors across the continent. The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority tweeted: "Very low levels of the radioactive substances cesium-134, cesium-137, cobalt-60, and ruthenium-103 were measured. The levels measured are so low that they pose no danger to people or the environment." Norway and Finland also made similar observations.
Lassina Zerbo, the Executive Secretary of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organisation, then tweeted a map showing where the potential source of the problem is. This showed that the possible reason for the anomaly could be in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, or Russia. However, the largest part of the selected zone was in Russian territory.
The possible source region in the 72h preceding detection is shown in orange on the map.
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