Monday, December 9, 2019

Kharkiv Armored Plant carried out unusual tests of the T-80BV tank, armed with a 125-mm cannon, accept by this a beer challenge taking from the Lviv Armored Plant

December 9, 2019 ( According to the developers, such a clear demonstration of the stabilizer of a tank’s gun shows that the gun is always precisely aimed at the target, even in off-road conditions. This will allow the gunner to destroy the target from the first shot. It is worth noting that earlier such tests were carried out by the Lviv Armored Plant. The test was that the mug with beer fixed on the barrel of the tank, which weight is 50 tons, did not fall and spill during the movement of the combat vehicle. In their test, the Kharkov gunsmiths went further - in addition to the beer mug, they put a glass of cognac on the cannon. And both tests were passed successfully.