Saturday, November 23, 2019

Reconnaissance unit of the German Air Force in Poltava

Many interesting pictures taken in Poltava airfield and downtown during the German occupation were found recently in the Germany State Archives. Later on it turned out that many of them were taken by officers and soldiers who served in the Long-Distance Reconnaissance Squadron 3(F)/10 (Aufklärungsgruppe 10 'Tannenberg') that has been stationed in Poltava from late 1941-till late 1942.

In early 1941, the 3rd Long-Distance Reconnaissance Squadron was converted to Ju-88. From June 1941 it participated in operation “Barbarossa” and flew reconnaissance missions for the 18th German Army in the northern sector of the Eastern Front. Many of these pictures were included in my new book “Poltava in the time of the German-Russian war 1945-1941. View through the lens of camera”.
Ground crew with a Motorenanwärmer 38 (heater for engines) working on the Ju-88 D "Habicht (Hawk)" of the 3. / (F) 10 (see emblem on the nose) at the Poltava airfield - March 1942
Snowy winter of 1941 on Poltava airbase.
Flooded Poltava in early spring of 1942.
Luftwaffe officers in Poltava city park.