Thursday, November 22, 2018

Danish furniture chain JYSK has reached Poltava at last

November 22, 2018 Danish furniture chain JYSK has finally reached Poltava. Previously, only Northern Europe had access to its products, but now the company is physically present in 44 countries worldwide including Ukraine. A new JYSK shop has been opened recently in Poltava biggest shopping center “Kyiv”. I decided do not wait until Black Friday is officially launched and visited JYSK today.

I hardly could boast about picking up a good bargain, but nevertheless I’ve got a nice hand towel and a winter slippers. As it comes to the level of service, I was very pleased to feel myself like in IKEA or Clas Ohlson shops which I visited for the first time on 1998. Another good news is JYSK's web shop is now available in Ukraine too. Scandinavia and Ukraine is getting closer to each other!