Friday, January 26, 2018

Live design collection with ethnic motives FAINA by Ukrainian architect and designer Victoria Yakusha will be presented for the first time at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair in the capital of Sweden in February 2018

January 26, 2018 ( FAINA collection was born in 2014 as an artistic reflection on the Revolution of Dignity in Kyiv and desire of the whole nation for self-identification. In quest of inspiration Victoria conducted a study of household traditions of our ancestors back to 5-3 millennium BC since the time of Trypillya civilization – the shapes, materials and craft technics. 

Clay, felt, linen, wool, solid wood are the key elements of the ethno-style artisan furniture collection FAINA that represents concept of «live design». Hopefully, FAINA collection will attract attention of minimalism lovers and fans of modern Scandinavian interiors in the framework of Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair to be held on 6-10 February 2018. Further information on FAINA collection can be found under the following link: