Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Think about what war is

On these May days we remember all who fought in World War II. Many of them including my grandfather Nikolai Bezverkhnii never returned home. This post is dedicated to him. Just think; on the eve of the war he worked as a teacher in Poltava Teachers' Training Institute and after completing an accelerated tank commander courses (from which he was promoted Lieutenant) he was sent to the front line. His T-34 tank was shot up on January 18, 1943. His last letter to folks was dated after January 16, 1943. It was pretty brief. He wrote:
My dear folks, I am safe and sound. Now I am on the right bank of Donets River, on the front line. We're liberating our villages in a hot fights. If you wank to know when I am, just listen to the the latest news. Today we will go on 50 km. to the rear. Kiss you. Yours, Nikolai.

Look at these two pictures of my grandfather that were taken in 1939 and 1942 and you’ll see clearly what war is.