Monday, December 12, 2016

KRAZ of Ukraine launches new military tank track based on KRAZ-5233BE chassis

December 12, 2016 ( New tank truck based on the KrAZ-5233BE off road chassis has been added to line-up of special vehicles KrAZ, the Ukranian truck manufacturer. The vehicle is provided with 5 cu.m tank used for carrying and storing water for drinking in the field. It’s no coincidence that the KrAZ-5233 chassis has been chosen for fitting this equipment.
This is one of the best models in terms of off road ability: this special vehicle will deliver drinking water to any destination under any environmental conditions not unusual in military bases and on the frontline. The vehicle owes its excellent off road ability to wide tires with tire pressure adjustment system and powerful engine rated at 330hp, while reliability is owed to extremely strong chassis using side members made of hot-rolled channel bars. It is also an ideal base for securing any equipment. Insulated tank fitted onto KrAZ chassis has two compartments, electrically controlled vacuum filling system, with fill-up time of 20-26 minutes for one compartment. Inner shell is made of stainless steel.

Ukrainian manufacturer KrAZ (located not far from Poltava) strives, particularly in these latter days, to meet the needs of military that would like to have various special vehicles in their fleets for more efficient performance of tasks. The company has taken into account experience of use of these vehicles in ATO zone, including use of cab-behind- engine chassis, which makes it possible to save lives of personnel in case of IED explosion under wheel. “AutoKrAZ” plans to develop the lineup of military vehicle KrAZ to speed up restoration of peace in our country, facilitate performance of duty for Ukrainian military men and save lives of people.