Saturday, May 28, 2016

General Pavel: NATO will respond to future Russian aggression in Ukraine

May 25, 2016 (UAWire) The Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, General Petr Pavel, has said that if Russia takes any aggressive action against NATO members in the East, the Alliance will have to respond. Pavel was referencing Russia’s actions against Crimea and Ukraine.
On the 24th of May, Pavel told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty that the increase of the Alliance’s military forces on its eastern flank is in direct response to Russia’s military actions towards Georgia, Ukraine and Syria. General Pavel, who represents the Czech Republic, told the radio show that “there would be no reaction from NATO if not for the increase in Russia’s offensive military actions in Georgia, Ukraine, Crimea, and Syria”. According to him, NATO, and especially its eastern-country members “feel threatened by Russia’s self-confidence and their aggression”. Pavel said that countries that share a direct border with Russia “want to have more confidence in NATO and in the Alliance’s readiness to take action”. Pavel also expressed regret that Russia sees any kind of compromise as a weakness. The NATO Military Committee is a principal military body in the Alliance. It is the main source of military advice for the civilian leadership of NATO.