Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ukrainian engineers upgrade tanks for war (VIDEO)

September 3, 2015 (UATODAY) In this largely abandoned former industrial park in the Kyiv suburbs, a new weapon is being developed. It's one which could potentially revolutionize modern warfare. The Russian-led war in eastern Ukraine has sparked the revival of the country's arms industry and in volunteerism. Both have led to the fighting machine we're about to see, being developed. We speed through this complex. Awaiting us - a breakthrough in engineering. We walk through the factory. Soviet-era machines and scraps of metal litter the floor. This new tank is not just a blueprint, it's almost ready for testing and use in the battlefield. The tanks name is Azovets.

Mykola Stepanov, engineering expert: "I'll do my best to drive it [back to the front line]. That's my aim. Why? Because my friends I was with in Skyrokyne (in east Ukraine) are waiting for me and I was working on this machine in order to return back with it."