Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Poltava inhabitants collect money for the needs of counter-terrorist operation

A charity fair dedicated to the Orthodox Easter have taken place on April 12 near the Assumption Cathedral. Local inhabitants and guests were given a unique opportunity to purchase works of craftsmen in many fields - artists, potters, engravers, weavers, embroiderers, blacksmiths etc. Ceramics is one of the oldest and typical crafts in Ukraine. Majolica, the most popular branch of pottery in Ukraine, has developed in many regions of the country. The village of Opishnya in Poltava region has been recognized as the capital of pottery in Ukraine. Today Ukrainians still like to adorn their homes with majolica ceramics made of colored clay, glazed and decorated in genuinely Ukrainian style.
Ukrainian pysanky is painted eggs prepared as Easter presents for relatives and friends together with good wishes. Clothes as well as works of crafts are connected with its making: weaving, embroidery can be justly regarded as objects of art which play an important part in national culture. Weaving and embroidery are ages-old and traditionally women's crafts. Items of national clothes feature national traditions, taste, imagination and wisdom of people.
It is planned that proceeds from the sale of works of craftsmen will be utilized for the needs of counter-terrorist operation. Part of this money will be transferred to the wounded soldiers who are undergoing medical treatment in Poltava military hospital.