Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ukraine at war with Russia

February 14, 2015 19:18 With less than 5 hours remaining until the Minsk ceasefire sets into effect, fighting in Eastern Ukraine shows no sign of abating. Pro-Russian separatists have continued their offensive near Debaltseve and Mariupol, but have suffered heavy losses of up to 100 dead and 180 wounded according to Ukrainian intelligence. These numbers could not be independently verified.

Russian armored vehicles continue to enter Ukraine, despite the scheduled ceasefire with a column of Russian APCs crossing into Ukraine at the Novoazovsk border crossing. In total, over fifty Russian tanks and other armored vehicles have crossed into Ukraine since the signing of the Minsk Accords on Thursday. The US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt posted a series of updates on the crisis through the Twitter in which he shows satellite image of what the US believes are Russian military artillery systems near Debaltseve. He also noted that thanks to Russian help, the separatists now have a larger army than some NATO and EU members.

Photo provided by US Embassy in Ukraine.