Friday, January 16, 2015

Financial Times: Balkans may become next playground for Vladimir Putin

January 15, 2015 The Financial Times, one of the world’s leading business news organizations, has expressed recently its great concern regarding spreading of Russian aggression towards the Balkans. In the article titled as “Balkans may become next playground for Vladimir Putin” FT quoted a statement taken by the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel taken during the G20 summit in Brisbane Australia. One of the most respected European politicians expressed the assumption regarding the further march of events in Ukraine. The Kremlin could withdraw its troops from eastern Ukraine and try to re-establish its relations with the West. Another option is to increase the pressure on the West and to destroy its unity of action.


.....The Ukraine crisis is stoking fears in western capitals that Moscow is now seeking to impose its will in other countries in Eastern Europe, including the Balkans. Angela Merkel gave voice to such concerns during a trip to Australia for this month’s G20 summit, saying she did not want to return to the days when Moscow could dictate decisions in other eastern European capitals. “It’s not just about Ukraine, it’s about Georgia. If this goes any further, will we have wonder about Serbia, about the western Balkans?” the chancellor said. And she made clear Germany would respond, saying: “This is in no way in line with our values.”....


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