Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chocolate Putins are flying off the shelves in Ukraine

24 May 2014 (BBC News Ukraine) When revolution gripped Ukraine at the beginning of the year, Lviv, in the country's west, was at the centre of events. Activists set up barricades in the city and travelled to Kiev, where they helped oust the former president, Viktor Yanukovych. Now the situation has stabilized and its residents are again enjoying the charms of this Middle European city. But as David Stern has found out, on the eve of  Ukraine's presidential elections, the people of Lviv are still very much engaged in the country's politics - although in their own special way.

( Chocolate figures of the Russian president Vladimir Putin — wearing a prison uniform and holding a bomb — have become a popular treat in candy stores in western Ukraine.The figurines were designed by professional sculptors and have hit confectionery stalls in the city of Lviv. Customers can also purchase another model of Putin, wearing a Napoleon Bonaparte-style hat and a straightjacket. Priced from 35 hryvnias ($2.93) for a small 100-gram figure to 65 hryvnia for a 250-gram piece, the chocolates are mostly snatched up by tourists.