Saturday, September 29, 2012

A new exhibition on the history of Poltava

Not long ago my new exhibition dedicated to Poltava of 1930-1960s has been opened in Poltava museum of Panas Myrny. This museum has a nice exhibition hall and yearly hosts many exhibitions including photo exhibitions. I’ve been working under this exhibition for two years. 

Mostly all shown pictures of Poltava were found by chance in private photo albums of the local elderly residents. Many of pictures that were taken decades ago were shown to the public for the first time. For instance, many have never seen pictures showing German POW working as construction workers in Poltava during first post-war years. Many construction sites of that time were enclosed with barbed wire fencing and had watch towers at the four corners. Some pictures shown on the exhibition were taken by Wehrmacht officers and soldiers in 1942-1943 when Poltava was under German occupation.
Being a teacher in charge of a student group, I invited then to visit this exhibition. Hope they have learnt a lot of a new fascinating things about the history of Poltava.
The museum itself is also very interesting because it preserves a spirit and a way of living of Poltava local office employee of early 20th century, who has been holding various posts at the local government house.