Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ukrainain PM got a beer from the head of Swedish supporters camp Ola Sjostedt

(June 14, 2012 Ukrainian News) The head of the Swedish supporters camp, Ola Sjostedt, has given Prime Minister Mykola Azarov a beer after losing a bet that the Swedish national football team will win its match against Ukraine. The Swedish football fan met with the Ukrainian Prime Minister in the Cabinet of Ministers building. While waiting for Azarov, the Swede told the press that he had already visited Ukraine 11 times and that he liked the country very much. In addition, he said that he would remember his meeting with the Ukrainian prime minister and that he would definitely tell his friends about it. Ukrainian journalist asked whether he was married. 
"I am married to football," he replied, smiling.  He said that he worked as a programmer in Sweden. Azarov entered the room when the Swede was telling journalists about his experiences. 
"Well, should we drink beer?" the Ukrainian prime minister immediately asked.
 In response, Sjostedt surprised Azarov by taking six bottles of Swedish beer out of a plastic bag.
"I will support you on Friday because I want you to defeat the English," Azarov said.
Sjostedt and Azarov drank some beer and Azarov described the Swedish beer as classy.
"I earned this beer honestly," Azarov said.
He asked Sjostedt to tell his Swedish friends that they are very welcome in Ukraine. The Swedish fan presented Azarov with a scarf bearing the symbols of the Swedish national football team and the Ukrainian prime minister presented him with an embroidered clothing and a bas-relief with a view of St. Andrew's Church. On June 11, Azarov visited the official fan zone in Kyiv where he bet a bottle of beer that the Ukrainian national team would win.  The prime minister said that he was ready to bet a bottle of brandy with any French football fan that the Ukrainian national team would defeat the French national team.
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