Sunday, June 19, 2011

The new generation says corruption plagues the nation – poll

June 16, 2011 (UNIAN information agency)

55.4% of Ukrainian youth take the greatest pride in their country and 12% responded in the negative, according to KyivWeekly. In Kazakhstan 68% responded positively and only 9% negatively, a poll by Gorshenin Institute found. The poll was aimed at comparing the systems of values of young students in Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Kazakhstan.

“The poll has found that the main moral reference points for youth are more or less the same, in the four reference countries,” Director of the Human Potential Development Program at the Gorshenin Institute Maryna Tkachenko told Komentary weekly.
50% of students in all four countries responded that problem number one was corruption. They put economic development in second place. Unlike students from other countries, Ukrainian students are concerned about political instability. 44% of Russians are concerned about the level of alcoholism and drug abuse, while the number of Ukrainian respondents that consider this to be a serious problem was two times less. Also, 39.7% of students in Russia are concerned about the threat of terrorism, while in the other countries practically nobody thinks about this problem – in Ukraine – 4%, in Kazakhstan – 3.9% and in Poland – 6%. At the same time, 21% of Ukrainians are worried about the spread of HIV/AIDS, which two-three times higher than people polled in the other countries.
Asked of what was most unexpected in your survey, Maryna Tkachenko said the Poles “were truly amazing.”. While Ukrainians, Russians and Kazakhs associate success with self-realization (77.2%, 66% and 47%, respectively) and a career with material well-being, the majority of Polish students (54%) have chosen love and friendship. And unlike their neighbors, Poles believe independence and freedom are among the elements of success (40%).
The poll indicated that “it was clear that people who were born and raised in a country in which European democratic values and civil rights prevailed are strikingly different from their neighbors.”