Saturday, March 12, 2011

President approves plan to conduct military exercises this year

KYIV, March 12,2011 (UKRINFORM). Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has issued a decree approving the plan of conducting multinational exercises in Ukraine involving the Ukrainian Armed Forces and ensuring their participation in multinational exercises outside Ukraine in 2011. The plan was approved given the need to maintain at a proper level the state's defense potential and the combat readiness of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to carry out their tasks.
In particular, in June-October, it is planned to hold in Ukraine the Ukrainian-U.S. Sea Breeze 2011 military exercises involving 2,450 servicemen, in July-September - the U.S.-Ukrainian Rapid Trident 2011 military exercises (up to 1,500 servicemen), in June-September - the Ukrainian-U.S.-Polish Safe Sky 2011 military exercises (up to 350 servicemen), and in June and November - the Ukrainian-Romanian drills (up to 80 soldiers). In May-August, it is also planned to conduct in Ukraine the Ukrainian-Russian Fairway of Peace 2011 military exercises (up to 400 servicemen), in June-October - the Ukrainian-Belarusian-Russian military exercises (up to 300 servicemen), and in April-October - the Ukrainian-Russian and the Ukrainian-Belarusian exercises involving air defense troops. In addition, it is planned to conduct four multinational exercises. The Ukrainian Armed Forces will take part in military exercises in Poland, Georgia, Germany, Romania, France, Hungary and Bulgaria.