Monday, February 21, 2011

Ukraine has presented the super-tank at a military exhibition

On Sunday, on February, 20th, at the international exhibition which has opened in Abu-Dhabi of arms IDEX-2011 Ukraine has presented the working out - tank "Stronghold". The Novelty has been created on the basis of the Kharkov design office of a name of Morozova and shown within the limits of an exposition of a state company "Ukrspetseksport". According to the general designer on creation of armour and artillery systems of Ukraine of Michael Borisjuka, tank "Stronghold" is executed at level of the best world samples. On indicators of fighting power, mobility and protection it does not concede to leading NATO analogues. From features of the new tank designers especially allocate the following: new svarochno-katanaja a tower, the built in dynamic reservation of new generation, teplovizionnye sights, and also possibility to fire from a gun with laser prompting, amazing the purposes on distances to 6000 metres. "Stronghold" has today the highest in the world level of protection among the analogues, in particular, from ammunition tаndemnogo type », - has noted during presentation of the tank the representative of the enterprise-developer. He also has noticed that the car keeps the working capacity and battle readiness in a wide climatic range - at temperature from - 40°S to + 55°S and relative humidity of air to 98 % at temperature +25°S. Except "Stronghold" Ukraine has presented to Abu-Dhabi also other novelties of arms - a wheel armoured troop-carrier an armored troop-carrier-4 with fighting module "Sail", advanced tank T-72B with the engine 5-TDFM, the car of infantry BMP-1M with fighting module "Squall", and lorry KrAz 5233VE (manufactured in Kremenchug, Poltava region). Exhibition IDEX-2011 will last till February, 24th, 2011.