Saturday, October 23, 2010

Three bombs went were detonated in Kirovohrad on Oct. 22 hours before President Viktor Yanukovych's scheduled visit to the city.

Three small bombs went off next to government buildings in the Ukrainian city of Kirovograd on Thursday night, hours before a visit by President Viktor Yanukovich, the Interior Ministry said on Friday. A ministry statement said it regarded the blasts, which shattered several windows in one of the buildings but did not cause any injuries, as acts of hooliganism. Parts of an artillery shell, a clock and a battery were found next to one of the buildings targeted, the state prosecutor's office. Two other blasts targeted police and court buildings, the statement said. The ministry has not reported any arrests or detentions in connection with the case and the president's visit went ahead.
The official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to comment on the situation, said the blasts early Friday outside the prosecutor’s office, a police building and the courthouse were the work of regional gangs and were a local affair. Yanukovych earlier said an investigation had begun, and if the blasts were staged by his opponents to intimidate him, they would be brought to justice. As reported, the blasts rang out early Friday at 02:50 in the city of Kirovohrad in central Ukraine, where Yanukovych later arrived on a working visit. Fragments of an artillery missile, parts of a clock and a cylindrical battery were found at the scene. No injuries were reported, and no details were disclosed.