Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ukraine supplies weapons to 14 states, actively to Azerbaijan

Ukraine sold weapons and military technology and equipment to 14 countries in 2009. This fact was reflected in the report delivered by Ukrainian authorized bodies for the United Nations Register of Conventional Arms. According to the report, in 2009, Ukraine sold to Azerbaijan the weapons as following: twenty nine armored troop-carriers “70”, twenty nine 122-millimeter automotive howitzers 2C1 “Carnation”, six 152-millimeter automotive howitzers 2C3 Acacia, one training and military fighter MiG-29UB, and eleven helicopters Mi-24. And besides, the scope of trade with Georgia declined: reportedly, only 5 Ukrainian-made armored troop-carriers “70” were sold to Georgia in 2009. Among other buyers were: Chad, Belarus, Myanmar, Equatorial Guinea, Egypt, Latvia, Pakistan, Algeria, the United Kingdom, USA, etc. In 2008, Ukraine sold to Azerbaijan 32 pieces of armored troop-carriers “70”, eighteen millimeter automotive howitzers 2C1 “Carnation”, 21 aviation rockets R-27, three rocket launchers 9P129-1M for the Point-U complex, and ten rocket launchers PZRK “Boom-3.”