Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Norway rafting accident kills four Ukrainians

Four Ukrainians died in a rafting accident today at Ridderspranget on the river Sjoa in Oppland. Police initially reported three victims, with one individual missing, but the person was found dead later, reports NRK. “We were out rafting with Sjoa Rafting and were called to the site when the accident happened. All the boats were then taken out of the water," said eyewitness Frode Evensen. Emergency services immediately put a complex rescue operation into action, involving Sea King helicopters, the air ambulance, police, the fire brigade, the Red Cross, as well as experienced paddlers from local rafting companies. The four victims were part of a group of 13 people, all of Ukrainian nationality. However it’s still unclear whether the expedition was supervised or not as they cannot communicate with the survivors until an interpreter can be found. According to NRK, several rafting companies regard the river Sjoa’s upper and lower parts as too dangerous to use.


rafting cagayan de oro said...

Whoahh T_T. how sad. instead of having fun in the river, it turned out to a tragic accident. if you want to go rafting, make sure you have professionals with you.