Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ukrainian Election 2010: Many trials probably lie ahead

09.02.2010, Kyiv 10:13a.m. Ukraine's Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko plans to legally challenge the results of the presidential runoff that opposition leader Viktor Yanukovych appears to have won, her campaign said Tuesday. Tymoshenko has canceled two planned appearances since the polls closed Sunday night. Her allies say she will not concede until appeals have run their course and recounts have taken place at a number of polling stations.
10.02.2010, Kiev 01:10 p.m. Ukraine's Central Election Commission has tallied 100 percent of the electronic protocols submitted by regional polling stations. According to the final count, leader of the Party of Regions Viktor Yanukovich secured 48.95 percent of votes cast in the second round of the presidential election, while Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko came in close behind with 45.47 percent of votes. Some 4.36 percent of Ukrainians chose not to support either candidate. Voter turnout stood at 69.15 percent, the commission reported. According to Ukrainian law, the new president must take office within one month from the official announcement of the election results.