Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Russia and Ukraine will work together under the AN-70 project

There are sufficient grounds to state that Russia and Ukraine have passed the lowest point in their relations. After negotiation between Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko and her Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin that has taken place in August an agreement was signed during the MAKS 2009 airshow to resume work on the AN-70 military cargo project, including its civilian version, and launch it into serial production. This project is of utmost importance for the aircraft industries in both countries, because it allows them to meet the domestic need by using this unique design and vie for a worthy place on the world cargo aircraft market.
The AN-70 aircraft belongs to a new generation of the short takeoff and landing tactical military medium transport. AN-70 is capable to carry practically any item of the military armament and equipment nomenclature with a total weight up to 35-47 t of cargo over the 3,000-5100 km range at cruising speed of 700-750 km/h, air drop of personnel and vehicles, including the single piece of cargoes up to 21 t with both high and low altitudes, delivery of 300 soldiers and evacuation of 206 wounded and sick persons. Maximum service range is 8,000 km. Nowadays the AN-70 aircraft is coming to the end of flight and certification tests. At Aviant Kiev Aviation plant 2 first serial aircraft are being built under the order of Air Force of Ukraine. Learn more about ANTONOV Aeronautical Scientific/Technical Complex on company’s official site