Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The monument to Charles XII and Ivan Mazepa in the village of Digtyarivka.

The monument was inaugurated in the village of Digtyarivka, located in Chernihiv region (oblast) on September 11th 2008. This monument was created in commemoration of the meeting between Swedish King and Ukrainian Hetman that have taken place here on October 30th 1708. Many Ukrainian historians hold that it was an exact place where the decision to form Swedish-Ukrainian military and political alliance has been taken. Two rulers were discussing joint action against Russian Tsar Peter I with a main goal to create an independent Ukrainian state. The monument was erected on donations of 255 members of staff at the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine. This governmental organization grants TV and radio broadcasting licenses, monitors TV and radio broadcasters’ operations in compliance with the media legislation, license terms and conditions as well as their technical standards, introduces sanctions for violators, manages the frequency recourse and elaborates the Electronic Media Development Plan. The monument is shaped as a bell separated into two parts. Left part contains the portrait of the King Charles XII of Sweden and right one – the portrait of Hetman Ivan Mazepa. There are also National Emblems of Sweden and Ukraine over each portrait.