Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Poltava celebrated the Day of Embroidered Shirts

This event, that took place on September 22, 2018, is unique in the world and it always attended by several thousand interested persons from all regions and cities of Ukraine. The parade is held to unite the different parts of the country and to support national traditions. Many local inhabitants and guests participated and demonstrated their shirts and skirts decorated with Ukrainian embroidery.

Embroidery has become a global trend. Designers are actively using embroidered flowers and Ukrainian folk designs on shirts, blouses and dresses in their collections. On the Internet there are more images of world stars in blouses and dresses decorated with traditional Ukrainian pattern.

Embroidery has become a style icon (Alberta Ferretti 2014 Spring/Summer Collection)
This year’s parade of the national shirt was held in London, Toronto, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Chernigov, Zhytomyr, Rivne, Lutsk, Vinnitsa, Poltava, Mykolaiv, Talnoye, Zolotonosha, Ternopil, Shepetovka, Megamarsh was also in Mozambique and in many other cities of Ukraine as well as around the world.

Ukraine tests new armored vehicle Lev

September 25, 2018 (UKRINFORM) Ukraine's state-owned Lviv Armor Plant has successfully completed the tests of the Lev (engl. Lion) armored recovery vehicle (BREM) and is ready for its mass production, the Ukroboronprom State Concern has said on its website.

"The machine is based on the T-72 tank. The BREM is designed for evacuation and towing of faulty, damaged tracked and wheeled military vehicles in combat, carrying out their current and medium repair in field conditions. The Lev is equipped with a winch with a 200-meter-long cable," the report says.
In addition, according to the report, the Lev has a crane boom with a maximum carrying capacity of 12 tonnes for mounting and dismantling units and assemblies in the field, in particular, tank towers, engines, gearboxes, support rollers, etc.
Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with a cargo platform, which helps transport spare parts needed for repair works with a weight of up to 1.5 tonnes. The Lev was created by the designers of the Lviv Armor Plant specifically for enhancing technical support and operational maintenance of tank units consisting of T-64s and T-72s of various modifications.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Today Poltava celebrates the Liberation Day

September 23, 2018 On September 23, 1943 the Red Army liberated the city of Poltava, that has been turned by German army into a powerful defense center in the Ukraine to the east of the Dnieper. In the fighting for the liberation of the town of Poltava, troops commanded by Lieutenant General Zhadov, Lieutenant General Managarov and airmen commanded by Lieutenant General of Aviation Goryunov, distinguished themselves, especially the 9th Guards Airborne Division (Colonel Sazonov), the 13th Guards Red Banner Infantry Division (Major General Baklanov), the 66th Guards Infantry Division (Major General Yakshin), the 95th Guards Infantry Division (Major General Nikichenko), the 97th Guards Infantry Division (Colonel Antsiferov), the 84th Kharkov Infantry Division (Major General Bunyashin), the 42nd Light Artillery Brigade (Colonel Skorodumov), the 301st Anti-tank Artillery Regiment (Lieutenant Colonel Vlassenko), the 57th Tank Regiment (Lieutenant Colonel Federov), the 431st Engineering Battalion (Lieutenant Colonel Boltusevich), the 294th Fighter Aviation Division (Lieutenant Colonel Taranenko) and the 266th Attack Aviation Division (Colonel Rodyakin). 
An unique picture below was taken by the Soviet press photographer Yakov Ryumkin during the fighting somewhere near Poltava in late September 1943. As you can see the master had no time to adjust his camera during such a quick advance of the Soviet combat group. On the background you can see battered German self-propelled gun.

 It was very dangerous to shoot such photos when bullets whistled over his camera but nevertheless many military press photographers risked their lives to capture WWII as it really was.

Photographer Yakov Ryumkin near the Brandenburg Gate (Potsdam). The photo was taken in 1945.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Stepan Poltorak: Modern boats will strengthen combat capabilities of the Ukrainian Navy

September 21, 2018 (Ministry of Defence of Ukraine) Minister of Defence of Ukraine General of the Army of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak stressed it during an official ceremony of launch of Kentavr boat ordered by the defence ministry. National industry responds to military threats. Over the past two years the private company Kuznia Na Rybalskomu has constructed and transferred the Ukrainian Navy six armoured artillery boats. They have been already executing assigned tasks. We are increasing our strength. Today we have a new victory. We launch the first Kentavr boat, Stepan Poltorak said.

Kuznya na Rybalskomu is a ship building and armament company, that indirectly belongs to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Although situated in Kiev, on the Dnieper River and presently concentrated on river ships, the company is able to produce and repair small sea vessels (both civil and naval), as well as various military equipment. According to the Minister of Defence, modern boats will strengthen combat capabilities of the Ukrainian Navy and the priority is to construct modern ships and boats, special boats and support vessels.