Tuesday, January 16, 2018

What can happen if do not respect military history

January 16, 2018 Pretty strange posters of ideological orientation have started to appear recently in some Russian cities. Most probably, those, who designed them, are pretty good in Photoshop but definitely not in the military history. As a result, such posters and billboards have been decorating streets and parks in the Russian Federation until they were pictured by vigilant bloggers. Look at them and smile! 

Russian patriotic billboard saying “They fought for the Motherland!” contains picture of Luftwaffe Ju-88 bomber’s crew. You may compare billboard picture with original one discovered in some German archives.
The Stielhandgranate (eng. “stalk hand grenade”) was a German hand grenade of unique design. It was the standard issue of the German Empire during World War I, and became the infamous issue of Nazi Germany's Wehrmacht during World War II. But how this German soldier, throwing hand grenade got into Russian billboard saying “May 9th. Happy Victory Day!”?

Can you easily recognize Wehrmacht soldiers on the Russian billboard saying “The victory of my grandpa is my victory!”?